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What Should The UFC Do With It’s Lightweight Division?

The UFC’s Lightweight division is one of the most stacked divisions the UFC has ever seen. It features star attraction Conor McGregor, and two beasts in Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. With Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier coming off massive wins, and  Barboza and Kevin Lee looking to bounce back, what should the UFC do with it’s lightweight division?  Continue reading “What Should The UFC Do With It’s Lightweight Division?”

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Is Rap Now Better Than The 90’s?

It’s widely regarded that the two greatest rappers of all time are Tupac and Biggie, they are praised for not only their skill, but how they changed the rap game and inspired an entire generation of rappers. Those rappers include Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Lil Wayne. So is there an argument that those inspired by the 90’s have actually surpassed the rappers that inspired them in the first place? Here’s a very well thought out argument as to why that’s the case.

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The Top 10 Rap Albums Of The Decade

This decade has seen a rap revival, and a rap evolution. There’s more content out there now than there ever has been, rap has hit a boom, becoming the most listened to genre in all of music. The list below is the top 10 rap albums of this decade, as voted for by the members of Viberant.

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Transfer News: Where does every Premier League club need to strengthen?

With the January transfer window in full swing, it is crunch time for clubs who need to strengthen their squad and set themselves up for the rest of the season. Here I will take a look at each of the 20 Premier League clubs and see who needs who. Continue reading “Transfer News: Where does every Premier League club need to strengthen?”