Vibe/Rant Football: Vol 1

Can we not just enjoy having two of the greatest players ever?

This is the first volume of the vibe/rant series for football. Below are 5 topics of recent times that I’ve either being vibing with or ranting on.

Mens USA team- Rant

Gutted. I had high hopes for this team. A country with 400 million people and a rising popularity of the sport lead me to believe that USA would have a good 2018 World Cup, and I boldly predicted huge success for 2022, but it seems I massively over hyped them. They lost 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago which meant they failed to qualify for 2018, the loss has been regarded as the worst in the teams history. With the MLS on the rise and all the money being pumped into ‘soccer’ it’s actually crazy to see the fall of the nation, lucky for them the women’s team is solid, otherwise football would be dying out in the years to come.

Lionel Messi- Vibe

I’ll be honest, I’m usually on the side of CR7 in the whole debate about whose the best, but this international break was simply insane. Messi banged in a hat-rick for a completely average Argentina side, he single handedly gained qualification into the 2018 world cup. As I said I’m on the side of Ronaldo, but I don’t like to delve into that too much, can we not just enjoy having two of the greatest players ever?

Mens England team- Rant

England qualified for the 2018 World Cup. Is that meant to impress me? It’s not something to be celebrated, it’s something that should be expected. When I think of the England squad it’s not about the result against the teams we’ve been playing, that’s a foregone conclusion, I care about performance. The performance is barely ever there, we need flair and style, we need consistency. I appreciate we have some injuries at the minute but we need a solid starting 11 from now till 2018. Build it around Kane and Alli on the attack, and for the love of God have two guaranteed centre backs and holding midfielders. Anything less than quarter finals is a big failure.

Marouane Fellaini- Vibe

I’ve never understood why people hate on the big dog. He’s a beast. His awkward style and superior strength present big problems for your average player. This season in particular he’s been banging in more goals than usual, and with the massive depth at Manchester, he’s still managed to force himself into the squad. He might be clumsy and a little bit of a meme, but he 100% does the job required of him.

A Premier League winter break- Vibe

England will never have success on the international stage without it. It’d be a good for the transfer window too making deals a quicker and easier process. Give the players a few weeks off to recover from niggling injuries and have a break at home and the England squad would benefit massively a few months down the line.


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