Vibe/Rant Wrestling: Vol. 1

Neville deserves a lot better from the company, most of 205 Live do.

We’ve seen the Vibe/Rant series start up for music and football, it’s time to give my views on one of my biggest passions; pro wrestling.

The Bar: Vibe

The Bar are without a doubt my favourite tag team on WWE’s main roster at the moment. A brutal smash mouth style from two amazing single competitors who the WWE seemed to have no plans for. As a tag team they’ve rejuvenated their careers and as heels they’ve been phenomenal, I hope they stick around for a while and take the titles back from Rollins and Ambrose. Two characters WWE have often believed to be short on charisma have had crowds cheering and booing relentlessly, their promo work has been a lot better as a team than as individuals, and the character depth has been brilliant to see play out week after week. They don’t just set the bar, they are the bar.

205 Live: Rant

Can we just go back to the days of the cruiserweight classic please? Every match was amazing and the idea of 205 Live gave every wrestling fan a massive bonk on, but it just hasn’t delivered. It’s clear that WWE don’t want the wrestlers to give it their all unlike the CWC, and it’s clear WWE writers have no intention of developing characters unless they hold the belt. With Aries and possibly Neville both being gone it’s lost major star power. For me WWE need to integrate the cruiserweights with the rest of the Raw roster, and schedule 205 Live for a better time, to watch it right after Smackdown is a bit of a pain.

Stipulation PPVs: Rant

Bad bad idea. Back in the day huge rivalries would culminate in a massive stipulations. It created hype, Edge and Taker had a massive rivalry that culminated in hell in a cell and it had massive meaning to it. So when there’s a hell in a cell match for Rollins and Owens, who had basically no story, it falls a bit flat. The matches can be great matches, but I don’t want to see the ‘Hell in a Cell’, ‘TLC’ or ‘Elimination Chamber’ PPVs anymore, save these matches so they are more of a big deal.

Ricochet to WWE?: Vibe

It’s only a rumour at the minute, but Ricochet to the WWE would be mouthwatering for me. He has two options, he can go to NXT and have some amazing matches, or he could waltz on into Raw and be the star of the cruiserweights and 205 Live. He’s only 29 years old and he’s already achieved so much in his career. As I said earlier hopefully WWE integrate the cruiserweights with the main roster and we get to see Richochet go up against the likes of Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.

Neville to the indys?: Vibe

With rumours of Ricochet coming to WWE there’s just as many rumours of Neville leaving. There’s been talks about Neville being unhappy with the hand he’s been dealt, he was left of the Wrestlemania 33 DVD and then was given some awful merch. It’d be a huge loss to WWE and we really could see the newly formed cruiserweight division take a massive hit. I’m vibing for a couple reasons, first off people like Neville deserve a lot better from the company, most of 205 Live do. Second reason being he could have some amazing matches elsewhere, imagine a show stopper with Kenny Omega or Will Osprey?

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