Vibe/Rant Football: Vol. 2

I am forever confident that the Ox will come good because the boy has lots of talent, not to mention he has incredible talent supporting him in the stands too in girlfriend Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

Much like the music edition, we are continuing this series and giving you a weekly taste of what we are vibing with and ranting about in the world of Football.

Arsenal Fan TV: Vibe

Robbie, the presenter and interviewer and Youtube’s most wonderfully entertaining football fans’ channel is an absolute hero and has provided us with some of the most incredible football content of all time, particularly from the show’s regulars Troopz, DT, Ty and Claude. Each time Arsenal lose a game you see emotional outbursts and constant finger pointing at all aspects of the club. Do I agree with their points? Absolutely not. Do I laugh at their expense? Of course. After a loss to Watford this past Monday night it soared to new levels again, reaching Youtube’s trending pages and ensuring that Robbie continues to make that paper when his beloved Arsenal get humiliated. Seriously, if you haven’t already then give some of these a watch, they are dynamite.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Vibe

This will seem like a strange one because, as a Liverpool fan, surely I should be frustrated that he hasn’t hit the ground running and showed why Jurgen Klopp spent £40m on him. But unlike most football fans on this god forsaken Earth, I am patient. He is yet to start a league game for Liverpool and has very often been given 5-10 minute cameos which don’t give him anywhere near enough time to settle into the game and make an impact. I am forever confident that the Ox will come good because the boy has lots of talent, not to mention he has incredible talent supporting him in the stands too in girlfriend Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. I’m giving him plenty of time and pray that other fans do too, at least wait until he starts a few games for Christ sake, I mean he loves the club and has done from a young age so it is the least we can do as fans really.


International breaks: Rant

Who would have thought that a chance to see your national side, a squad full of the best players your country has to offer, would be filled with such a lack of excitement? Well that is the world we live in these days and that isn’t through any fault of the fans, it is in fact through the absolute travesty that is the England National Team, from the very top right down to the players themselves. The Premier League is so exciting, week in week out you see great action and plenty of goals but every couple of months that momentum and joy is crushed by the knowledge that on a Thursday night you get to watch England beat Malta 2-0 in a friendly. Of course you cant abolish international breaks because they’re needed for team cohesion and qualification for major tournaments, but my god that doesn’t stop them from being boring.


Liverpool’s Defence: Rant

Words cannot describe how frustrating being a Liverpool fan is these days. Our team is frighteningly good going forwards but every single game seems like a battle to not have a mental defensive breakdown. Jurgen Klopp must surely know that this team are in desperate need of a shake up at the back; and the worst part of it is that they are a couple of solid defenders away from being genuine contenders at the top of the table. Instead, it looks like Liverpool will be spending the next couple of years desperately scrapping for a Champions League place, no matter how many goals they score.


Neymar: Vibe

He is the world’s most expensive footballer and has every reason to have a chip on his shoulder because he is basically the king of his Native Brazil and lives a rockstar lifestyle on an obscene wage. A lot has been made of his attitude recently, especially after all the drama surrounding his arguments with teammate Edinson Cavani about who should be on penalty duty; but to that I have one response, keep it up Neymar. He is being a spoilt brat and I love him for it, a true character who has clearly left Barcelona simply to be in the spotlight, an incredibly elite mentality. That time he bragged to that Celtic teenager making his debut might be my favourite football moment of the year, he is a top boy and should continue to act as such, no matter how much yer da will complain.

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