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Vibe/Rant Wrestling: Vol. 2

Shinsuke is the hero we all need, he is my favourite wrestler right now and he might just be my favourite man in the whole world.

It is now the turn of wrestling to appear on volume two of our ‘vibe/rant’ series, judging what we deem to be great (vibe) and what we don’t (rant).

The Finn Balor/Bray Wyatt feud: Rant

Two fantastic WWE wrestlers with great characterisation and in-ring abilities, they can both cut promos better than just about anyone in the company and in the beginning they bounced off each other really well, helping create the now infamous ‘Demon’ inside Finn Balor. What has resulted ever since has just been drab, the match at No Mercy wasn’t great but should have been the end of it; instead the Sister Abigail story has come to fruition and the way they are booking it is terrible. I am worried that this feud may result in a burial of one of these superstars, which can’t happen as they are some of the finest the industry has to offer. Just leave it now and let Finn and Bray go their separate ways.


The Shield reunion: HUGE VIBE

This is what I am talking about. I haven’t been more hyped about something in the WWE for a long long time. Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns are fantastic singles competitors, all of which have won the World Heavyweight Championship at some point in their careers. They have had great spells as solo wrestlers but it has been time to bring the band back together for quite a while now. Roman gets booed all the time and the Rollins/Ambrose tag combo have just lost their titles to Cesaro and Sheamus so the timing can’t be better. It’s going to be one hell of a ride watching the Hounds of Justice destroy the RAW division once again.


The booking of Shinsuke Nakamura: Rant

This man is the hero we all need, he is my favourite wrestler right now and he might just be my favourite man in the whole world. The king of Strong Style had an immaculate record in NXT before leaping to the main roster and stunning us all with a brand of explosive wrestling and dynamism. His entrance is the best thing since sliced bread and the crowd eat out of the palm of his hand. So what do the WWE do? Make him lose to Jinder Mahal for the WWE Title TWICE IN A ROW. Jinder sucks as a wrestler and he is so bad he makes Shinsuke look awkward when trying to do his technical moves. The booking has been straight trash but I will forgive them if he either wins the Royal Rumble or faces AJ Styles for the title at Wrestlemania and wins.


Jinder Mahal: Rant

The Modern Day Maharajah is the current WWE Champion and has clearly worked hard to move away from the 3MB gimmick and instead make himself a credible main event wrestler. The problem is that his skill set, promo cutting and general character work is nothing short of sub-par; the sole reason he has been pushed this far and given a long title run is because of his Indian heritage, a market which is gigantic for the WWE. He is very marketable on the surface for that culture but there is a few issues to that; firstly he isn’t even Indian, he is Canadian. Secondly, the Indian wrestling market has actually decreased over the past 12 months, he is only still champion because of the Indian tour in December. I cannot wait for Brock to destroy him at Survivor Series and then he can drop down the mid-card.


WWE 2K18: Vibe

The latest game of the WWE 2K franchise has just been released and cover star Seth Rollins is telling us to “Be Like No One” as the selling point. It is a phenomenal game with some great spots and thoroughly enjoyable playthroughs. Whether it is a Royal Rumble or an Elimination Chamber, the gameplay is smooth and without doubt the best it has ever felt. The ratings are pretty accurate with Roman Reigns being the highest rated at 95 and the likes of Lesnar, Rollins, Styles, Cena and Nakamura closely behind. The entrances are also amazing and the MyCareer feels like it is going to be incredible.

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