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Liam’s Top 10 Favourite Current WWE Wrestlers

It’s so smash mouth and cool, sometimes you don’t have to have big stories and big promos, just go out there and beat people up.

Without including people who are inactive or part timers (Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle) I’ve devised a list of my 10 favourite current WWE wrestlers or tag teams based on there overall game, ring skills, character and mic skills.

10. Roman Reigns

Before everyone jumps on me for this they need to calm down a little, Roman isn’t as bad as people think. Yeah he’s been rammed down our throats and yeah he isn’t the best on the mic, but he has had some amazing matches this year and some amazing feuds. Back in his Shield days he was loved, and people don’t like him because he’s the protected golden boy, everyone knows he’s gonna take over from Lesnar. You hate him because you’re meant to like him, that’s about it really.

9. The Miz

I miss Smackdown Miz, when he was the best heel on the roster, his rivalry with John Cena earlier in the year made him a massive deal as well as his amazing work with Dolph Ziggler. On Smackdown he made the intercontinental title the most important thing in the company. Since he got drafted to Raw it hasn’t been the same for me, he’s still in incredible heel, but I’m not a fan of him needing the Miztourage and I’m not a fan of how the intercontinental title is an afterthought, as it’s only been defended 3 times since Summerslam.

8. Shinsuke Nakamura 

For obvious reasons his mic skills are a little lacklustre, but he’s still one of the most charismatic people in wrestling, and when he’s in the ring he can do things that most men cannot. Put him in the ring with the likes of KO, Zayn and AJ and he’s bound to put on a five star match. He’s been handled poorly on Smackdown this year, but I have a feeling that we’ll see better from him next year.

7. Seth Rollins

Remember Rollins title run before he tore his ACL? There hasn’t been a better title run since, the heel Rollins who won MITB and then cashed in at Mania is the best thing to happen in WWE for a long long time. His in ring work is sublime, few people can match him in there, and as a heel even fewer can match him on the mic. I find him a little stale on the mic as a face because he was such a good heel, I really want him to turn on The Shield again and go solo as a heel, I just wanna hear his cackle again.

6. Finn Balor

Balor really can’t get going on the main roster, he won the Universal title and got injured the same night, then WWE decided to have him job to Kane after an awful feud with Bray Wyatt. Writing won’t hold him down forever, when he’s given the chance to perform he does it amazingly, he’s got the fans on his side and there’s rumours he’s going to be facing Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, his stock could be rising massively just in time for Mania season.

5. Samoa Joe

I absolutely love this man, when he got in Lesnar’s face in the summer it felt like it was the realest thing in the sport, Joe is a true fighter. I just want him back ASAP, hopefully Survivor Series, and I want to see him just destroying dudes again. It’s so smash mouth and cool, sometimes you don’t have to have big stories and big promos, just go out there and beat people up, that’s Joe’s go to move, he was derailed by injury but I think he could do some major things for the company, I’d also like to see him drafted to Smackdown where he suits the style more.


4. Kevin Owens

I personally think KO is the most well rounded person on the entire WWE roster, he can put on a five star match and he can put on a five star promo. He’s a cracking heel, we haven’t seen him as a face but I know full well that he could do it. He doesn’t get enough credit for the bumps that he takes in big spots, and then the ability to show up the week after. His universal title reign was underwhelming but the writers screwed KO there. If he stays on Smackdown it’s only a matter of time before he’s the champ.

3. Pete Dunne

The bruiserweight makes the list very high, and with good reason. His match at NXT Takeover Chicago was one of the best matches of 2017, he’s the UK champion and he is a true heel. The sooner WWE pull the trigger on him the better, I’d love to see him on Raw or Smackdown going against the best, he’s the future of wrestling, and if they manage him right he’s going to be huge. I’d really like to see him as a surprise entrant to the Royal Rumble

2. The Bar

The only team to make it onto the list. Who would’ve thought when Mick Foley pair these two together that it would ever have ended like this? Cesaro and Sheamus had an amazing feud followed by an amazing heel turn. Their recent runs as champs and feuds with The Shield and The Hardy Boyz have been gold. A smash mouth style, awesome character development, and the fact that they are two of the best workers in WWE have made them my favourite tag team in recent memory.

1. AJ Styles

The real face that runs the place. AJ is golden, he started a little slowly in WWE, but after his feud with Jericho he got hotter and hotter. Every show he goes out to steal the show and his dedication is second to none. Without a doubt he is the number 1 wrestler in the company. His character has had a few ups and downs and sloppy turns but that’s down to WWE’s writers, it appears he’s set to go on a run as a face which matches his move set. He’ll probably be defending the WWE Title at Mania against Shinsuke which is a dream, hopefully after that he get to go to the red brand and show the world he’s the best.

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