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Vibe/Rant Wrestling: Vol. 3

This is volume three of the Vibe/Rant wrestling, this week featuring the brand wars, the WWE Network, and the latest WWE released list.

This is volume three of the Vibe/Rant wrestling, this week featuring the brand wars, the WWE Network, and the latest WWE released list.

WWE’s Release List: Rant


Late last week WWE come to terms with the release of Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. The rant is not in anyway related to Summer Rae, she hasn’t wrestled in forever and she’s not relevant to women’s wrestling, especially when it’s sky rocketed in the last couple years, the real rant is the release of Emma and Darren Young. Young had all the talent in the world, but a few unlucky injuries and being booked poorly ever since the Nexus has essentially killed his credibility. As for Emma, she has to be the most under used female in WWE since the women’s revolution began. The release of these wrestlers is not through fault of their own, rather WWE’s terrible booking of them.

NXT Takeover: WarGames: Vibe


Boy I love NXT. This Takeover the night before Survivor Series is set to be one for the ages, with WWE reviving and old WCW match, WarGames. We’ll see The Undisputed Era vs Sanity vs The Authors Of Pain and Roderick Strong. All three teams will be be in two rings enclosed by a steel cage. It’s match type we haven’t seen since 2000, and a match we’ve never seen in WWE. The card is already stacked with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Kassius Ohno and Alistair Black. Takeovers are always amazing and expect this to be no different.

The WWE Network: Vibe


If you’re a fan of wrestling just get the network. Every WWE/WCW/ECW PPV ever, network exclusives like the Cruiser Weight Classic and the UK tournament, and live PPVs all year round. They’ve made cut backs so we lost a couple excellent shows but on the whole it’s amazing, the only thing it’s really missing is having Raw and Smackdown shown live.

The Brand Wars: Rant


Remember the WCW vs WWE invasion angle that awfully flopped in the early 2000’s? Well that’s what this is trying to recreate. Smackdown are doing a better job of explaining their beef with Raw, but I’m not hyped for Survivor Series at all. Brand wars do nothing for me but disturb story lines and make crappy stories for a the coming month, how can we build up a champion vs champion match between Brock and Jidner when Brock is never on Raw let alone Smackdown? The whole Under Siege thing kinda cool but it felt like they were pandering to fans who beg for the attitude era. There will be some really fun matches to come from all this, with Kurt Angle and Shane O Mac captaining the men’s 5 v 5 match, and the Shield vs The Usos should be a blast too, but that’s about it.

The messy Kane/Balor/Strowman/Miz Feud: Rant


Three Raw’s after Kane’s return and I still have absolutely no clue what’s going on. At first I assumed they were gonna go with Kane and Strowman, but they seem to repeatedly want to have Kane squash young talent and it appears he’s going to keep attacking Balor. The Miz who appeared to have a rivalry with Roman Reigns, now looks to have a rivalry with Strowman, who for some reason returned to Raw and ignored the fact that Kane attacked him. How he returned to Raw so quickly is a mystery when you remember that The Miz and Kane had him crushed to death in a garbage compactor. I just want Survivor Series out of the way and I want Reigns back, then we can all just calm down and get some normal story lines that make sense leading up to the Royal Rumble and the road to Mania.

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