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Top 10 WWE Matches Of The Year

WWE might have some God awful story lines, and they might feel the need to push the wrong wrestlers and bury some of it’s brightest talent, but all in all there’s been some absolutely cracking matches this year, and here are our top 10.

WWE might have some God awful story lines, and they might feel the need to push the wrong wrestlers and bury some of it’s brightest talent, but all in all there’s been some absolutely cracking matches this year, and here are our top 10. I feel before you read I should give props to some very honorable mentions, Raw and Smackdown have had amazing tag team rivalries with The New Day, Uso’s, The Bar, and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, all of whom would’ve made the top 15, along with Ember Moon and Asuka.


10. Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns No DQ Match: Royal Rumble

maxresdefault (1)

Both Roman and KO’s finest singles match of 2017 came very early in the year in a no DQ match at the Royal Rumble. With Jericho suspended above the ring in a shark cage, KO and The Big Dog went at it for 20 minutes in one hell of match that was full of intensity from the go. Jericho played a part in the match but not to a point where he ruined the finish with the usual distraction that KO and Jericho worn out at points. It would be Braun Strowman who interfered in the match, it set up the epic Reigns and Strowman feud and allowed KO to retain the Universal Title.


9. Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne: UK Championship Tournament Night 2


2017 got off to quite the bang with the success of the Royal Rumble and the UK Championship Tournament. The final featured Bate and Dunne, who put on an amazing match which saw Tyler Bate become the first ever WWE UK Champion. This match would see their stock rise massively as they both ended up on NXT to continue their rivalry.


8. The Undisputed Era vs Sanity vs The Authors Of Pain and Roderick Strong in War Games: NXT Takeover War Games


What a gimmick match. One big reason is that War Games hasn’t been seen for so long that it was a fresh idea, all nine men involved are amazing workers and ultimately the right team won in The Undisputed Era. It was one of the best spot fest we’ve seen for years and with a bit of luck the War Games match will be a yearly fixture the night before Survivor Series.


7. Elimination Chamber Match: Elimination Chamber


Much Like War Games, the success of this match was large in part to that it had a year on the shelf, and it was re-invented as a Smackdown exclusive PPV. AJ, Cena, Ambrose, The Miz, Wyatt and Corbin went at it for over half an hour which saw Wyatt win his first ever title, which was well deserved. The spots were fun and everyone played a major role, it set up a ton of rivalries, even if Wyatt was criminally misused afterwards.


6. Authors Of Pain vs DIY in a Ladder Match: NXT Takeover Chicago


What a heart breaker. This was the night that DIY were broken as Ciampa turned on Gargano after the match, the match itself was an amazing display of both teams. AOP looked ruthless and as hard hitting as ever, DIY played the babyface role to perfection, that is until Ciampa said those famous words “This isn’t our moment, this is my moment.”


5. Authors Of Pain vs DIY vs The Revival: NXT Takeover Orlando

maxresdefault (2).jpg

The story of these tag teams was phenomenal, tag team wrestling has become a massive part of WWE programming this year, with The Uso’s, The New Day, The Bar and The Shield all having amazing matches, but it was on NXT where the true 5 star tag matches were. This was the Revival’s final match before they were called up to the main roster, and it was a match which continued the story of AOP and DIY. Storytelling was amazing and the technical ability of the six men involved was outstanding.


4. Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Money In The Bank


Ever since the MITB match was removed from Wrestlemania and made into a PPV of it’s own, it got a little stale, with it being a Smackdown exclusive it helped massively. The match saw Corbin defeat AJ, Ziggler, KO, Shinsuke and Zayn. The level of talent in this match was arguably better than any MITB match ever, the spots were amazing, including Shinsuke’s rampage killing near enough everyone, KO taking massive bumps, and Shinsuke’s staredown with AJ. Corbin won the match and went on to lose his title match after his behaviour on Twitter saw him punished.


3. Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns: Summer Slam


Four of the heaviest hitters collided at the biggest party of the summer, it was never going to fail. Joe, Strowman and Reigns have all had epic years whether you like it or not, Lesnar less so but iron sharpens iron and he showed up here. Having multi men matches with Lesnar is a good idea, his individual clashes with Joe and Braun this year were nowhere near the level of this fatal-4-way which saw Lesnar come out on top and retain his title.


2. AJ Styles vs John Cena: Royal Rumble


The face that runs the place squared off against the champ that runs the camp at the Royal Rumble. Their encounters have always been special, this time we saw Cena win and equal Ric Flair’s record as a 16x champ. The match was largely contested in the ring, just two men giving it their all. The tension was at an all time high with what felt like a million near falls, people will always complain about Cena getting the nod here, but can’t we just enjoy the match?


1. Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne: NXT Takeover Chicago


The rivalry continued. This match had everything, it was hard hitting with big spots, near falls and high flying. This time Dunne came out the victory after a series of amazing moves between the two. The chain wrestling was fun and the strikes were heavy, it’s a match I’d show anyone if I was to advertise NXT as a brand. It’s the match I’d show a WWE hater to try make them love wrestling. I said their stock was big after their encounter earlier in the year, well this one sky rocketed them to major things, including many more fantastic matches and an appearance on Raw for Pete Dunne.

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