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Predicting WWE in 2018

The year has started amazingly in terms of pro wrestling. Wrestle Kingdom 12 is an early candidate for card of the year over in Japan. It was filled with high octane matches, amazing story telling and thrilling writing. All of which WWE often misses the mark with. Often times it’s predictable, often times they run with storylines that people don’t want. Predicting this might start off easy, but as I get deeper into the year I could end up a million miles away, either way it’ll be fun to predict, starting with of the best, the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble


The Royal Rumble is the start of the road to Wrestlemania, it’s one of the funnest events of the year, full of fun matches and shocks. This year we have the pleasure of two Royal Rumble matches, as the women’s division will feature in their first ever Royal Rumble. I can see Shinsuke Nakamura winning the men’s Rumble, and then he’ll go head to head with AJ Styles for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. For the women’s match, I can see a number of contenders, but ultimately I see Asuka winning it, WWE are all in on the pair of winners and a big Wrestlemania push makes sense.


Elimination Chamber

This year the Elimination Chamber match is a Raw exclusive PPV. With Nakamura winning the Rumble for the blue brand. I can see the red brand going against each other in chamber for the right to face Lesnar for the Universal title. The likes of Strowman, Joe, Balor, Rollins and The Miz could all be in the match, but I think it’ll be Roman Reigns who wins it, he’ll drop the IC title at some point (probably back to The Miz) and the go up against Lesnar for ANOTHER Wrestlemania main event.




Predicting Mania is one of those near impossible tasks, the biggest show of the year, usually spanning around a gruesome eight hours long, is filled with pretty much the entire roster. I’ve already predicted the two big title matches, Shinsuke vs AJ for the hardcore fans, and Brock vs Reigns for, well, Vince. I expect Shinsuke to win the belt in an absolute thriller and I expect the crowd to boo Reigns out of the building when he picks up the title in a great match with Lesnar. Other than that we could finally see Daniel Bryan return against Shane O Mac, if not now, it’s Summerslam. I’m hoping for a multi man ladder match for one of the mid card titles, it’s become tradition since the money in the bank got it’s on PPV. Roode will finally get midcard gold and maybe Samoa Joe too. Triple H could face off against Braun Strowman or returning rival, Batista.


Money In The Bank

The Money In The Bank, a stipulation that should’ve firmly stayed put at Wrestlemania but hey ho. This year it’s looking like both brands will host the PPV, which could make for a possible four MITB ladder matches, something I do not want to see. Get four men from each brand and four women, have two matches. If each brand has their own individual matches, I can see Paige, Peyton Royce, The Miz and Sami Zayn winning these. Yes I see a Peyton Royce call up to Smackdown.




The biggest show of the summer. It might have my previously mentioned match between Bryan and Shane O Mac. I also feel like it’ll have Jason Jordan vs Kurt Angle, if it’s not happening now it’s because it happened all the way back at Wrestlemania. A Jordan heel turn is inevitable at some point. Summerslam always needs a big main event, they could choose to go with the rematch from Mania, Lesnar vs Reigns. I feel by now the full Club will be in full effect, That means, Gallows, Anderson, Balor and AJ Styles, there will be some form of match surrounding them. The last big one, whoever Triple H doesn’t face out of Braun and Batista at Mania, he’ll face at Summerslam instead.


Survivor Series

Survivor Series is a million miles away and the last big night in the WWEs year. It’ll be Raw vs Smackdown but in all likely hood there will have been a superstar shakeup by then, and Daniel Bryan won’t be SD general manager. I think all that I can predict here is that Smackdown will win the brand war, WWE won’t want them to lose two years in a row, especially as last years was so dominating for Raw. Also expect a MUCH better card. 2017 had an awful men’s 5 v 5 match, they’ll want to make up for it, maybe don’t put four part timers in the match for a start ey?



download (7)

NXT is the funnest part of WWE at the moment, the match quality is ten times better on average, the writing is head and shoulders better. I can see the entire Undisputed Era holding on to belts at some point in the year and dominating NXT. Shayna Baszler will pick up the women’s title at some point. The high point of the year will be sooner than you know, when Johnny Wrestling squares off against Tommaso Ciampa.


Call-ups and Returns

The NXT call-ups to the main roster will be

  • Roderick Strong (205 Live) (Raw after mania)
  • The Authors Of Pain (Raw) (Raw after mania)
  • Sanity (Smackdown) (SD after mania)
  • Drew Mcintyre (Smackdown) (SD after Mania)
  • Peyton Royce & Billie Kay (Smackdown) (Royal Rumble call up)
  • The Undisputed Era (Raw) Surpirse call up)
  • Pete Dunne (Raw) (Royal Rumble entrant)

The familiar faces set to return are

  • Batista (Raw)
  • Rey Mysterio (205 Live)
  • John Morrison (Smackdown)
  • The Rock (One off special)
  • Big Cass (From Injury)
  • Jeff Hardy (From Injury)

The last big name who’s going to make a debut, goes by the name of Ronda Rousey, we’ll see her at Wrestlemania, either Horsewomen vs Horsewomen, or just Rousey vs Charlotte, I’m hoping for the earlier option.

And that’s it! Granted large parts of this could be completely wrong but it’s a near impossible task. If half of this happened I’d be very happy with myself.


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