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The Top 8 Superfights That Should’ve Happened But Never Did

Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport, pioneered by the likes of Royce Gracie, who’s overall skills don’t compare to that of Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson. The positive of having so much talent in such a short space of time, is that the very best ever are always fighting the very best, but some ‘superfights’ never came to fruition, here’s the biggest. To avoid repeating the name ‘Fedor Emelianenko’ I will only use a fighter once in this list.

8. Randy Couture vs Mirko Cro Cop


Two of the very best here, one from the UFC and one from Pride. When Cro Cop came over from Pride, everyone expected this fight to happen, that is until Gonzaga shocked the world and knocked Cro Cop out, meaning this fight would never come to fruition.

7. Uriah Faber vs TJ Dillashaw


This would’ve been some grudge match. After Dillashaw left Faber’s team Alpha Male, things went sour quickly. It was a classic storyline of the student vs the teacher. There was such a massive story between Dillashaw and Alpha Male that it was a must see, but with Faber coming towards the end of his career it never came to be. In fairness, it would be a very one sided win for Dillashaw.

6. Cain Velasquez vs Jon Jones


I mean this was always a million miles away for so many reasons. First off, imagine a world where Velasquez didn’t suffer so many injuries? I’d argue he would be the best heavyweight ever. Then imagine if Jon Jones didn’t ruin his career, he would be the very best fighter of all time bar none. Then imagine a world where prime Velasquez meets a prime JBJ at heavyweight? Absolute fireworks. It might never happen now, but boy would’ve it been amazing to witness.

5. Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg


Everybody wanted this at a point, and are we a little lucky that it didn’t happen. Before Rousey lost her invincibility, this would’ve been the biggest female fight ever at the height of Rousey’s popularity. No disrespect to Rousey, she is one of the biggest influences in female MMA, but Cyborg would have crushed her, and quick.

4. Conor McGregor vs Rafael Dos Anjos 


I really don’t think people know how good RDA is. An absolute beast, the potential to be a two time champ. The blessing here is after this fight got cancelled due to RDA’s foot injury, we got McGregor vs Diaz. I would argue that RDA is much better fighter than Diaz, and perhaps even better than McGregor, the chances of this fight ever happening are getting slimmer and slimmer, as a technical display, it would’ve been an incredible fight.

3. Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar


Fedor Emelianenko, at one point regarded as the greatest of all time, some regard him as the best heavyweight ever as he ran through his opposition in his days in Pride. Having not lost in eight years, Dana White was desperate to sign Fedor to a huge contract, with an immediate title fight with the PPV star Brock Lesnar, but for whatever reason, the contract would never be signed. The fight now seems impossible to create, not that it’s wanted anyway. At the time this would’ve been the greatest heavyweight fight of all time selling well over a million PPVs, but what will be will be.

2. Kazushi Sakabura vs Rickson Gracie


Sakabura, The Gracie Hunter. Sakabura had defeated Royler Gracie, the first defeat for a Gracie in a decade. Following this, Sakabura defeated Royce, Renzo and Ryan Gracie, but never squared off against Rickson. Rickson, who retired 17-0 in all combat sports, refused to fight Sakabura as Sakabura was much smaller than himself, and “didn’t have the heart of a warrior.” Two of the greatest in a huge story, it’s a massive shame it never came to be.

1. Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre


There is still a small possibility this can happen, very small. Personally I don’t want it to. With Silva well past his prime it just wouldn’t feel right. These were the number one and two guys in the world, perhaps the two best EVER. All they had to do was either meet at catchweight or have GSP move up to middleweight, something he seemed hell bent against, that is until he moved up to beat Bisping. The GSP move left a sour taste in my mouth, if he could do it now why couldn’t he do it then? This remains, and probably will remain, the biggest fight we never got to see.

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