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Where Is Lebron James Going This Summer?

As long as team sports exist, there will be trades, transfers and sales. Big players often get the biggest rumours, and there is no player bigger than Lebron James. The talk of him leaving the Cavs at the end of the season has been on every basketball fans lips. Will he stay or will he go, and if he does go, where? We’ve outlined the least and most likely options for Lebron James heading into the 2018/2019 NBA season.


Staying at the Cavs- Unlikely  


Rumours are rumours, they’ll happen with stars like Lebron no matter what. But what if it’s just that, rumours. Cleveland is Lebron’s home, a place that he loves. Perhaps it’s a rebuilding phase for the Cavs that Lebron wants to be a part of. But then there’s the negatives. The Cavs have little to no chance of challenging Golden State any time soon, they aren’t on the level of Houston or the Raptors either. If Lebron stays, he’ll be facing a massive drought of major accolades, if he wants another ring he’s gonna have to jump ship, and I think he will.


Moving to the Philadelphia 76ers- Likely   

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This is a move that has been heavily rumoured ever since we saw Lebron being all laughs with the 76ers in a defeat earlier this month. The move makes sense. The 76ers are solid team at the moment that are only going to get better with incredible young talents in Simmons and Embiid. Add Lebron in to the mix and the 76ers are at least a top 3 team in the east next year. I question whether Lebron would get a ring at this team, but he has more chance than he would at the Cavs.


Moving to the Golden State Warriors- Near impossible


The obvious benefit of this move is that Lebron would win a title, but isn’t it like joining the dark side? Lebron’s legacy would be damaged massively with a move to Golden State, yeah he’d win everything, but I think he’d rather lose than join GSW. All of his stats would drop, and it’s arguably the only team he could move to and not be the main man on the court. It’s never going to happen.


Moving to the LA Clippers or the LA Lakers- Likely

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I feel like there’s a ton of pros and cons to a move to either LA team. First off Lebron has homes in LA, so it wouldn’t be too much disruption to his personal life. Another pro is that the caps for these teams would allow a plus one to join the team with Lebron, but there’s cons for both teams, let’s start with the Clippers.

Let’s be honest, the Clippers may be better than the Lakers, but they have and always will be the smaller team. I doubt that Lebron could bring a title to the Clippers, but if he did it would be absolutely monumental.

As for the Lakers, it makes them relevant again. It could also attract Paul George to the side, along with the youngsters Lonzo and Ingram could make a formidable team in the west, but not a title challenging team.


Moving to the Minnesota Timberwolves- Unlikely


The reason this would be so good is that, like the 76ers, the Timberwolves are on the rise, partnering Lebron with KAT and Butler could make for an explosive end to end team that easily could contend for top 3 in the west. I feel like a broken record saying that Lebron won’t win a title at these teams next year, if he really wants to win a title there’s only one place on my mind…


Moving to the Houston Rockets- Highly likely 

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The Rockets are on a tear. They’re top of the west and could potentially win a title this year, although I feel it’s still going to be Golden State. Lebron is good friends with Chris Paul, adding James Harden into that makes for one of the best teams in the league, certainly one of the best with the ball. It’d be Lebron’s best chance of a title in 2019 bar none.


There’s a couple other teams I haven’t mentioned, Lebron would make for a good fit in San Antonio or at the Raptors, but I want a move to Houston or the 76ers. Wherever he does go, they’ll become a formidable team who’s going to be one of the top teams in either the east or west.




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