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Who Should Go Where This Superstar Shakeup?

WWE’s annual Superstar-Shakeup is upon us. A time for fresh match ups and a fantastic way to kick start WWE’s new year. We could see some of WWE’s brightest stars switch brands and perhaps a couple more NXT call-ups to freshen and bolster the roster, here’s who I think should be called up and be part of the switch.


When the brand split began, Smackdown Live was smashing Raw all over the shop, that’s in terms of match quality and storylines, the tides have turned massively. SD has dipped and Raw has improved a massive amount. I don’t want a whole heap of changes to the show, a couple of heel additions would be welcomed, however.

Baron Corbin springs to mind, rumours are he’s finally due that push he was meant to get long ago, he’d be a quality heel to match off against new IC champ Seth Rollins, who I really want to stay put on the red brand.

Unpopular opinion here, but I’d split the New Day. The gimmick is fun and has been one of my favourites, but it’s ran it’s course in my eye. Big E is the standout star to turn on the New Day, go heel and run rough shot with a ton of squash matches.

I get a feeling Daniel Bryan is coming back to Raw, although I want to see him stay on the blue brand and match up with Styles and and Nakamura, WWE will see him as too much of an asset and send him to the number one show.


I’ve seen some small rumours of Bray Wyatt soon turning on Woken Matt Hardy to join Sanity, if that’s the case then Jeff Hardy needs to stay on Raw, if it’s untrue I don’t mind him leaving for Smackdown.

Natalya could find herself on Raw, just to freshen up the women’s division and just give us a few fresh match ups.

Some smaller names I’d like to see move would include Benjamin & Gable, Dolph Ziggler and Zak Ryder, all of who could do with a revamp and a fresh start to WWE’s new year.


Smackdown Live

Smackdown needs a major refresh. With the thought of Bryan going to Raw means Smackdown need a bigger boost than ever. If it was down to me I’d move the entire Balor club over. It gives us stories with AJ and lets the Good Brothers start fresh and lets Balor go for a major title.

Braun Strowman has little to do at the moment after the madness of the tag titles. He’s rivalry with Roman Reigns has long ran it’s course and now he’s a face it’s hard to match him up on Raw. If you send him to Smackdown there’s some fresh faces to pair him up with and a ton of fun we’ve never seen.

Sending the Miz back makes no sense if Bryan is going to Raw, keep them together. Smackdown is still lacking in heels though, a call up of Almas from NXT makes massive sense at this point.

Sending Asuka to Smackdown could make sense, she’s beaten everyone there is on Raw, but separating her from Charlotte would be wise while they share a brand.


I’d split Absolution now. Without Paige the group has nothing left in it, everyone’s bored of the same repetitive tag matches at this point as well. Send Mandy Rose over to Smackdown for a while.

The final piece to the puzzle is a repackaged Big Cass, his momentum was near dead before his injury, hopefully a new brand with a repackage could give him a bit more steam going forward.

Expect a fun shakeup starting tomorrow, with the possibilities endless I could be totally wrong here or totally right. Who knows, there could be a ton of NXT call ups, a mix up at 205 live and maybe some insane comebacks worthy of the Raw after Mania.


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