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Album Review: Flatbush Zombies- Vacation In Hell

Back in 2013 I stumbled across The Flatbush Zombies, more specifically the incredible mixtape that is BetterOffDEAD. Their unique production and the individuality in each members voice left a lasting impression on myself. Fast forward five years and we’re onto the groups second studio album, Vacation In Hell.  Continue reading “Album Review: Flatbush Zombies- Vacation In Hell”

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EP Review: The Weeknd- My Dear Melancholy

At a mere 21 minutes and 50 seconds I find it confusing to call this an album. Some regard it at one, but it’s an EP to me. Abel has toned down the pop vibes in favour of a Trilogy style track listing. It’s the darkest the Weeknd has been for some time, but how does it compare to trilogy?

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Classic Album Review: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

On 15th March 2015, the most culturally important album of this generation was released and it was one which propelled Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar to levels that are beyond that of rap music, beyond the realm of Spotify streams and album sales. 2015’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ was a project that moved people and raised his profile and standing to Mandela level, this era’s Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson or Maya Angelou of the black community, a true prophet of his times. But what made this album so unequivocally stunning? So groundbreaking and culture defying? Well there’s a million and one reasons for this album to be admired and this is my take on what I see from a near flawless body of work from hip-hop’s prodigal son.

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