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Who Should Go Where This Superstar Shakeup?

WWE’s annual Superstar-Shakeup is upon us. A time for fresh match ups and a fantastic way to kick start WWE’s new year. We could see some of WWE’s brightest stars switch brands and perhaps a couple more NXT call-ups to freshen and bolster the roster, here’s who I think should be called up and be part of the switch.

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Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

Wrestlemania 34 is upon us and it could be the biggest one ever, Ronda Rousey is debuting and Daniel Bryan is finally making his in-ring return. As well as that we have every single title on the line and both men and women will be competing in their respective battle royals. We have predicted everything for you, and put a golden snitch 

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UFC 223: Our Thoughts And Predictions

What a crazy week in the world of MMA. What began with Khabib vs Ferguson ended up being Khabib vs Al Iaquinta, and we all know what else happened. McGregor and 20 of his crew stormed a media day and caused all sorts of chaos. With the original 13 fight card whittled down to 9 we share our thoughts on all of the madness and we give our predictions. Predictions that we’ve left until the last minute because of all the changes.

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Where Is Lebron James Going This Summer?

As long as team sports exist, there will be trades, transfers and sales. Big players often get the biggest rumours, and there is no player bigger than Lebron James. The talk of him leaving the Cavs at the end of the season has been on every basketball fans lips. Will he stay or will he go, and if he does go, where? We’ve outlined the least and most likely options for Lebron James heading into the 2018/2019 NBA season. Continue reading “Where Is Lebron James Going This Summer?”