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The Top 8 Superfights That Should’ve Happened But Never Did

Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport, pioneered by the likes of Royce Gracie, who’s overall skills don’t compare to that of Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson. The positive of having so much talent in such a short space of time, is that the very best ever are always fighting the very best, but some ‘superfights’ never came to fruition, here’s the biggest. To avoid repeating the name ‘Fedor Emelianenko’ I will only use a fighter once in this list.

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Champions League Predictions

The Champions League round of 16 has produced some mouth-watering draws with big name upsets on the cards. With a total of five English teams making it through to this stage, with convincing performances throughout the group stages for all, could this be the return of English dominance, or will Spain conquer Europe again? Continue reading “Champions League Predictions”

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Predicting the Wrestlemania 34 Card

Wrestlemania is the WWE’s biggest yearly event and is one of the most eagerly anticipated shows in the whole of Sports Entertainment. This year is expected to be bigger than ever with so many feuds brewing and a whole host of dream matches on the horizon. Here is what I think the match ard will look like and how the matches will go. Continue reading “Predicting the Wrestlemania 34 Card”