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Top 10 Childish Gambino Songs

In 2008 Donald Glover debuted his music persona, Childish Gambino. Seven mixtapes and three studio albums later, Gambino is one of the biggest names in music and a Grammy winner. He’s career has sky rocketed to the top of both the music and film game. He’s set to play roles in the upcoming Star Wars and Lion King films as well as releasing his second series of the award winning Atlanta. On top of all this he’s set to release new music under the name of Donald Glover, retiring the Gambino name, but what are the best Childish Gambino tracks? Lets have a look.

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Black Panther Soundtrack Released- Our Thoughts

Fresh off his Grammy domination, Kendrick Lamar has announced that the 9th of February will be the release of The Black Panther Soundtrack, and what an absolutely star studded lineup it is, but what does it mean for music? Will it be great?

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Major names announced to perform at the 2018 Grammys

It’s Grammy season and this year’s show is really starting to take shape. Childish Gambino, Pink and Lady Gaga have been booked to perform this year; along with the likes of Luis Fonsi, SZA and Kesha.

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